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Submit Slideshow Photos

The Senior Slideshow is a well-loved part of the senior celebrations.  


The photo submission deadline was March 31st.  Thank you to everyone who submitted photos!  


Step 1.  Collect up to 8 high-quality* photos of your senior

ORIGINAL DIGITAL FILES (jpeg) are best.  SCANS of Hard Copy Photos work as well.

Blurry or grainy photos, as well as photos that are too far away will not work.

All photos jpeg format ONLY

  1.  a senior photo

  2.  a baby picture

  3.  a favorite photo from the time in between

  4.  Optionally, up to 5 group photos from any time from preschool to senior year - such as school activities, dances, plays, sports teams, school trips, or extracurricular activities, like scouts or DI.

Step 2:  Thank you for your photo submissions!

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Christine Coffman at

* Please note - Photos will be enlarged significantly for slideshow viewing.  If possible, please send the ORIGINAL DIGITAL FILE.  If you have hard copy photos, please scan them using the “best quality” setting on your scanner (or 300 dpi).  


Some things that cause low photo resolution:  sending a screenshot of a digital photo, sending a photo from a website that stores in lower resolution (e.g., Facebook, Shutterfly), or taking a photo of a hard copy without removing the picture from the frame.

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